Summit in Server Management

Server Management requires serious knowledge and specialized personnel. DNS Aktif meets all the requirements and is a candidate to be the pioneer of the industry.


Why Should You Choose Us?

Because we serve with a specialized team and an advanced server system. We determine the criteria of our industry with our server uptime rates and speed limits.

Continuous Broadcasting

We're setting the rules again with our 99.99% Unmatched Uptime rate. Our server system works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, under the control of our expert team. We know that a customer who has problems is an unhappy customer.

Detailed Optimization

All the servers we manage are optimized to the finest detail during the installation phase and necessary measures are taken to ensure stable operation for very long periods of time. It always works with the same determination.

WorldWide Support

Wherever you are in the world and at any time of the day, our team will be delighted to support you. If there is a problem, it is our problem, not yours!

K.V.K.K ?

Is your site's Server K.V.K.K compatible?

Our server system keeps all access logs and provides you with legal support in possible problems. You don't have to wait months of server administration to access all the records. Our team ensures that you are safe in this regard by delivering the records to you quickly.

Our Services

With our end-to-end quality understanding, we only offer services that we are experts.

Server for Rent

Enjoy the speed and security with our servers with different features.

Server Management

We offer a fast and affordable way of getting rid of the problems in the server system.

Server Security

We turn your server system into an inaccessible fortress by using different security layers.

Cloud Services

The size of your need doesn't matter, it can't be bigger than the cloud :)

Secure E-Commerce Services

Be ready to use E-Commerce, E-Export and Marketplace systems with 100% security!

Instant Backup Services

In our server systems, your data is instantly backed up and kept ready for use at all times.

We Are Waiting For You To Communicate

You do not have to be our customer to share your questions and problems with us. Our team of experts will do their best for a solution.